Thursday, November 12, 2015

The topic I will be researching throughout this course has changed since week one. First, I wanted to research “Leading people.” I wanted to find information on Management in Business. I quickly found that I had chosen a topic that was way too broad. I decided to sit down with my current manager at The Irvine Company and we discussed aspects of Leading People that he found valuable in his current role and aspects of it that he sees on a day to day basis within our company. We wanted to try and narrow down to something that would benefit me in the long run of my role and career. After choosing a list of six, we decided that the most important part was conflict resolution and how it is important in managing. I chose conflict resolution because it helps you deal with people and manage people when issues arise. I am a big believer of establishing a positive work environment and building synergy within a team. Conflict within a team can hurt the culture of the work environment and tear a team apart. If I can master conflict resolution then I will be able to build and manage a team that has the core values that I believe are important.

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